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8 months ago

Should Reference Count Profiler work with Visual Basic 6 executable?

I have a project with a .NET client .exe, which instantiates a visual basic 6.0 ActiveX.exe and several VB6 dlls. (pdb's have been created)

I tried both attaching AQTime to the ActiveX .exe after it gets started and automating AQtime from the client app to start the profiler.

I can use the Performance Profiler ok with them.


When I try to use the Reference Count Profiler, in the same manner, it does not find any classes. (There are no classes to profile.)

I created a new project and added "AQtime 8 Samples\Unmanaged\ReferenceCount\VC2013\Debug\ReferenceCountDemo.exe" to the project and set it as active, It counts those references fine.

I created a test vb6 project (RefCountTest.exe, project is attached, remove .txt from extensions.), with Module1.bas and Class1.cls, from Module1's Sub Main creating several Class1 objects. I added this .exe to the AQtime project, set as active and again "There are no classes to profile." (msvbvm60.dll was automatically added to the AQTime project.)


Am I doing something wrong, or does Reference Count Profiler not work with VB6 executables?

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