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6 years ago

running inside AQTime vs attaching to running process

We are a group of develoipers, working on the same product with the same development tools and the same build process. We run our Unit Test executable in AQTime to compute code coverage. But something strange is happening to a few of the developers: they can only get the results if they attach AQTime to the running process (executable of Unit Tests). If they try to start the run from inside AQTime, it exits almost immediately and does not return any coverage results. There is a pause point  at the beginning of our UT executable, and that point is not even reached when running from inside AQTime. For the rest of developers, including myself, AQTime works fine whether we start the run from inside AQTime or attach it to the running process. Since, as I said, our development environments,  permissions, etc... are theoretically identical, does anybody know what could cause this very annoying discrepancy?

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    > are theoretically identical

    I think, that as usual, the real life does not exactly match the theory... :)

    I hope that you already have compare that the same profiled binary and profiler settings are used on both problematic and non-problematic machine.

    I also assume that you saved the contents of the Event View pane to text file also on both machine and compare the content of the resulting files.

    If both actions were  done with nothing suspisious revealed, I have no better idea than to contact Support directly via the form.

    Note: Support guys may ask you for the problematic binary. If you think that it contains some really sensitive information, it is possible to discuss NDA signing with Support.