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15 years ago

Profiling Performance of 3rd Party COM components

  Using AQTime 6.5, I can't seem to find a decent means of profiling 3rd party COM components. We don't have debug information available, but it would be nice if I could just get a general report that doing a certain task in our application, X amount of time was spent inside the COM component.

  I have all ready added the COM component (the DLL and OCX) into our AQTime project, but that doesn't seem to help in identifying any timing. (Results by module doesn't show the 3rd party DLL or OCX in the list.)

  This component is an in-process COM component, and I am starting our application from within AQTime. I am running on Windows 7 32 bit.

  Am I missing something simple here, or is this something that just isn't supported?


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  • Hello Jacob,

    Modules that do not have debugging information will not be present in the profiling results.

    You can manually calculate the time spent in the COM modules by summing up the time periods the lines that make calls to the COM component were executed for.