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13 years ago

Profiling over long time


I'va a application that gets slower and slower over the time. I know in what range of source code I have to look for the problem, but I don't have any idea where it comes from.

The first run takes about 200 ms the 10000. run takes about 2,5s.

Can AQTime help me to find, where the program uses more and more time ?

I'm looking for something that shows me the used time of a procedure in relation to the runtime of the program.

Any ideas are welcome



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  • Hi,

    To estimate the performance of the entire application and individual procedures, you can use AQtime's Performance profiler. This profiler monitors the application execution and gathers considerable information about each application function, for instance, the number of function calls, the hierarchy of function calls, time spent executing a function, etc. It also measures total time spent executing an individual routine, as a percentage of the time spent executing all profiled routines (you can see this value in the %Time column of the Report panel) - it is just what you need.