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14 years ago

Profiling an application that has to run for long duration

I am profiling an application which needs to run for long duration at a stretch (at least for 3 days): The application behaves fine when it is started, but after running for 2-3 days, it becomes very sluggish. Its UI responsiveness drops noticeably. This is the problem I am looking into. Could somebody suggest me what all performance counters I should be profiling and all. The application is a WPF standalone application which communicates with a WCF server (a seperate module, located at a remote location) for retrieving data and updates a hell lot of UI elements (like third party chart windows - around 10 of them, and also a few listviews ...)

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    Hello Angshuman,

    To speed up the profiling, I suggest decreasing the profiling area in your AQtime project. You can divide the profiling area into several parts and profile only one part during each profiling session. To get a summary for these profiling parts, you can export all results for the parts to a database and process them. For more information, please see the Exporting Profiling Results to Database article on our Support Portal. You can also use triggers and actions to make control over the profiling area more flexible. They allow you to enable and disable the profiling when it is needed and generate results automatically. You can also specify several routines and files in the "Routines to Ignore" and "Files to Ignore" dialogs to exclude them from the profiling. 

    In addition to that, you can enable and disable the profiling from your application's code. See the Controlling Profiling From Application Code article for details.