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13 years ago

Profiling a .NET Web Service


I have problems profiling a self-hosted web service under .NET. After adding the service exe and some otehr modules to the AQTime project, if I

1) run the profiler in "normal" mode I get an error message stating that the service can be started under a console but has to be installed as a service and started from the service manager - which I did, with no effect

2) run the profiler in "service" mode AQTime seems to try starting the service, but responds after half a second or so that "the service did not respond in a timely manner". Afterwards, the "pause" and "terminate" buttons are activated, but I can't cancel profiling and have to close and reopen AQTime to continue working

3) attach to the process, that seems to work, but I don't get any profiling results on routines etc (probably because the code is managed?)

Any ideas?