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14 years ago

Profiled application does not start on Citrix

Hi all,

I am evaluating AQTime7 for the organisation i work for. I am trying to run it in our Citrix environment (a trial version of AQTime7 Pro). It is a ''Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2 (dutch edition)' running on an Intel Xeon X5450 @ 3.00 GHz.

The profiles runs like a dream on my pc, but now that it is installed on the Citrix it starts but does nothing (it starts, but that's about it).

I select a module, call run, and get a trace that several modules are loading and finally 'thread create ID xxx'. After that nothing happens. On my own pc then the application of the 'module' shows and i can start profiling. We have verified on the citrix machine that the process to profile is in fact running in the background, but it is invisible and not using processor time. If we try to get a snapshot then all you get is a messagebox saying 'AQtime is trying to obtain results from the profiled application. Please wait...' (the message will not go away unless you 'cancel' the messagebox).

What can be the problem here? We have used the program as Administrator so that can't be the problem. Also we have started a log in xml, but that only shows the steps i noted before (loading module xyx... and then 'thread create ID xxx and nothing after that). Also no exceptions are thrown because there is no errordump (configured that too). In short, NOTHING is happening and we have no idea why!

Ideas anyone?

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    Hello Richard,

    We have replied to your support request, so we will continue working with you via e-mail.