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9 years ago

No call tree with object when using allocation profile

I am new to using AQTime and I may be making some basic mistakes.  I downloaded AQTime this week and I believe I am using version 8.41.  I am using C++ Builder XE7 32 bit for a Windows project with about 25 subprojects.  I have included a profiler in only 1 of the subprojects.


I am trying to display the call tree for objects using the Allocation Profiler.  I can see the call tree with the Classes Data but not for the Objects.  One thing that might be a clue is that there are few classes where I can see the call tree for Heap Memory but not for VCL native memory.


  1. I followed the instruction in the article Compiler Settings for Embarcadero C++Builder XE6 – XE8 32 bits.
  2. I am linking with the run time library and AQTime asks if I want to include RTL210.BPL.
  3. I have clicked the “View Allocation Path” button. 

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