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14 years ago

Need some guidance

I dont know if AQtime can help with this but thought I would ask.

I have a Codegear builder application hat uses a third party (DevExpress) docking tab library. I have multiple docking panels (each with embedded database connected grids)in the main app. When first run the tabs work as expected, i.e you can make them float and then drag them back to the main form, but more importantly when you click on tab from a multi tab group everything works OK.

When I populate the embedded grids with data and then click on a tab the effect is as if I have held the mouse button down and I am trying to undock the tab, rather than just select it and bring it to the front.

DevExpress have been unable to help and asked for a demo project that displays the problem - I have been unable to create one and am loath to send all my source out to them.

Could AQtime help with this - any ideas as to how to proceed to track this down gratefully received.

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  • Hi Paul,

    As I understand, you have an application which behaves unexpectedly and you need to find out the cause of the unexpected behavior. If so, you can try using the Exception Trace profiler in AQtime - if the behavior is caused by an exception, the profiler can help you narrow down the problem. A free trial version of AQtime can be requested from the following page: