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11 years ago

Line Profile does not work on Release version?

I am using licensed version of AQTime, and want to do a line-level perforance profiling. First I try to do that on the Debug version of my Visual C++ 2008 project and it works well. However, when I do that on the Release version, although the Debug Info is included as described in the document, I cannot find any line profiling info in the result window. Only unit-level profiling info is available. What special settings I need to set for line-level profililng?

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    I actually have the same concern. We would like to buy AQTime but still hesitate to.

    We are using C++Builder. We use a lot of C++ features, such as STL, template, virtual functions, which have poor performance if no code optimization is applied. So we need to profile the program built in release mode, otherwise those C++ features would lead to much mass.

    For our visual studio projects, we use open source software Luke Stackwalker to do code profiling. It works great for release builds. So I don't think it is impossible for SmartBear to support profiling release build in AQTimes.

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    Hi Guys,


    Generally, there shouldn't be any issues when using line-level profiling on the released version of apps in AQtime (the debug info should be compiled in a proper way). I suggest that both of you (as you are using different types of apps) contact our Support team to investigate this behavior. When submitting a message to the Support Team, please attach your AQtime project as it may contain some information that'll help them understand what is wrong.