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13 years ago

General Problems getting the Timings from lower Level Functions.


i am new in using Profiling-Software.

Firstly i would like to start with the freeware-Version AQtime Standard.

But it doesnt work fine for me, at the moment i am a little bit frustrated about that.

So, i am having a MFC-Projekt with some classes handling some images and algorithms.

In fact i am having 9 ObjectFiles in the Module. The first two Objektfiles are the one of the MFC-Application and the one from the MFC-Dialog.

I load the Executable build as Release (Debug worked also not).

The third class has a interesting function for me. So i made an new Area with that function and the option to have a fiew at the routines. Also the Option "Full Check by Routines" is enabled and set to the "by Routines"-Option.

After that, i am starting the Appl. by pressing the run-Button.

Application runs - fine. I am pressing the button to make some calculations, so that my interesting function has to be exceuted. After that i am stoping the application.

And .... nothing. There are no results!!!

But if i am starting the application, and do not pressing the wanted button. And then if i am stopping the application, there are measurement-results. But only results from the MFC-Classes of the application and the dialog.

So, it is not possible for me to get some results of the other classes.

And i dont know why.

Best regards, and looking forward to find somebody with a helpful idea...