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15 years ago

Coverage Profiler: Data loss in "Auto Merge"

Hello everyone,

First of all some background information: for a smaller subproject in my company, I've created an AQtime-project including all packages and executables for creating coverage reports. The projectfile contains 6 executables, which are started one after another, each creating a single report ("result"). Thanks to the "auto merge"-function, after running all 6 executables, I have a report in which all reports are merged together ("Merged Results" > "All Merged"). This works really well, but there is one file that is not working properly.

When I take a look at the report from the executable which is covering this file, I get the following coverage: Hitcount = 1034, Coverage = 91.62%. But in the "All Merged" report, I get the following values: Hitcount = 1034, Coverage = 82.74%. When I opened the file in the "Editor"-view (coverage on line level), I figured out, that after merging some rows are marked als "uncovered" (red bullet), which were marked as "covered" (green bullet) before. It looks like this coverage-information has been lost during automerge.

I have no idea what's the problem here. For all other files (~100 in the whole project) auto merge works fine. Only this file creates troubles. I would be thankful for every hint helping me to solve this problem.

I'm using AQtime in Version 6.50.498.64. The project is being programmed in Delphi.

Thanks in advance


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    Hello everyone,

    I can support you with some additional information. First of all: I was able to fix the problem. After doing some further investigation, I figured out that the data loss has to do with a function containing "unsafe code". As explained in the help-file, the "unsafe" method has  not been profiled by AQtime. But as soon as I changed the "unsafe" method to a "safe" method (i. e. the method could be profiled), the data loss after doing a merge of two files is gone.

    So it looks like the "unsafe" method somehow affected the coverage results of another method at the end of the file when merging two reports. Maybe this is a bug in AQtime? Or can somebody at least explain to me, why this happened?

    Thanks a lot and best regards


  • Hello Thomas,

    Thanks for providing detailed information about the problem.

    We have not seen the problem you reported before. We are going to investigate it, and your help with this would be really appreciated.

    Could you please check whether you see the same problem if you merge the same results manually? If the problem exists in this case, it would be great if you sent us the profiling results you are merging. You can send the files directly to us:

    Thanks in advance.