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12 years ago

Can you set Visual Studio breakpoints while running the Allocation Profiler?

Is there a way that I could run the Visual Studio debugger and AQtime's Allocation Profiler at the same time, and (for example) set a breakpoint at "AQtime detected unexpected data written before a memory block"?  Or get a stack trace of when that's happening through some other means?

    Keith Steiger

    (who just started learning how to use AQtime)

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    Unfortunately, there is no way to do this. When you are profiling an application, AQtime acts as a debugger for the profiled process. If you are already running your app under the Visual Studio debugger, AQtime cannot replace this debugger.

    As far as I know, AQtime doesn't detect all writings to memory blocks as this would tremendously increase the profiling overhead. If it detects a memory overwrite, you need to examine the source code yourself to determine what goes wrong.

    One possible way to detect the moment when an overwrite occurs is to take results several times during the run. For instance, you can get results before opening a form and after closing it. If the second result set contains a memory overwrite error, this means that perhaps the form called a method that overwrote a memory block.