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13 years ago

AQtime Pro Version 7.2 Released

We just released the latest version of AQtime Pro version 7.2, introducing support for Microsoft Silverlight 4, Java 1.7, and a number of bug fixes and smaller functional enhancements. For more details about the release please check out our blog posting AQtime Pro 7.2 Enhances Profiling for Large Applications, Adds Silverlight Support. The new version of AQtime Pro is available to existing customers in the Client Services Portal.

If you have any questions about AQtime check out the online help section of our support portal, or visit the AQtime web pages to sign up for a trial.

Good luck profiling, 

Bill B. 

The SmartBear Team

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    When I load a couple different projects in AQ Time 7.2 that I had created in AQ Time Pro 7.1 and attempt to run them, I get an error message that says only "Unknown name".  Subsequent attempts to run the same project result in error messages that say, "Not enough storage is available to process this command."
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    I am also seeing the 'not enough storage space is available to process
    this command' error in version 7.2. I had not seen it in version 7.1.
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    Hi Dan and Norman,

    Please try reducing the number of the profiled functions: disable the default Full Check area, create a new one and add only one module to it. If the issue remains, try adding a few routines to the new area. If the problem persists, can you send us the problematic module so we can reproduce the problem on our side?
  • I'm seeing this problem, too.

    With one of the "Full Check by Routines" options checked for my module, 7.1 worked, and 7.2 doesn't, even if I start with a new project. If I only choose specific routines, it works. What changed between 7.1 and 7.2 that restricts the number of routines? I've always used this option in AQtime and it's always worked before.



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    Hi Chris,

    We have a patch that should fix the issue you have faced. To get it, please contact us.