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12 years ago

AQTime Pro 7.5 leaks memory itself

When using the Allocation Profiler (which itself already uses lots of memory), I've seen that AQTime itself is leaking memory:

1. Start AQTime Pro 7.5

2. Start Task Manager

3. Check current memory usage of AQTime in Task manager

4. Open a saved project that contains results

5. Switch to the Result pane and open any report (e.g. The report needs to be displayed in the "Report" panel!)

6. Close project again

Repeat steps 3-6, you can see in step 3 that the memory consumption is rising about the same size for each iteration.

It actually doesn't matter if the module itself is present or not.

In my project this means that I loose around 250MB of memory for each iteration...

So now you can argue that "Open"-"Close"-"Open"-"Close" isn't exactly a regulare use case. However the same also happens if you have multiple results in your project:

Each time you open a report from a different result set, you leak around 250MB of memory.

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Daniel,


    As far as I know, you and your colleagues are working with our Support team on this issue. When you have some results, please share them with us.