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10 years ago

AQTime for delphi 6

Hello There, 

My company has AQ Time 3. It has issues with Window 7 and Windows 8.

We want to upgrade to AQ Time 8.  However we use delphi 6. 

From your release history, i could conclude that Delphi 6 is not supported from AQ Time 8.1.  I tried AQ Time 8.21. I could use the timing profiler on application compiled on D6. I am wondering why are you saying Delphi 6 is not supported. What would i loose if i use latest version of AQ Time with Delphi 6.

I believe AQ Time 8.0 is compatible with Delphi 6. Is it possible to get a trial download for it.

Best Regards,

Piyush Jain