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14 years ago

AQTime Allocation Profiler Performance

I am running Allocation Profiler on a VB6 application.

There is a signal sent to system that starts a timer.

A series of events take place: acquiring image, triggering LED light, etc.

An exception takes place if timer is hit or an image is not acquired.

Running application in MS VB6 environment, everything triggers ok, lights acuiring image...

Testing this app with AQTime Allocation Profiler, results in inconsistent triggers...

Mainly of LED light.

Question: is there a performance hit? timing is critical for this application

I did not run into this issue when running the trial version for 2 weeks.

Please Help.

Thnak You.

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  • Hello Jon,

    Yes, there is a performance hit. However, the trial and commercial versions of the tool are identical. So, if you did not face any issues in this regard when using the trial version, there can be some other reasons of the problem you are having now. For example:

    - the number of applications running in the background is different now;

    - the number of classes traced by the Allocation profiler was less than it is now.