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5 years ago

Application freeze at startup


I'm a user of AQTime 8.71 with a floating license.
Running on Windows 10 (x64).

When I launch application, it freezes. After several minutes I can open a project. But once loaded, the application is freezing again.

I tested on several computer event one that is ouside my company domain (a clean install of Windows 10 without any antivirus or other monitoring agent).

Did anyone got the same problem ? Is there solutions to find what is blocking the application ?

Thanks for your help


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    Could you please clarify:

    -- What is freezing: AQtime or your profiled application?

    -- Does the freeze occur within domain only? Or only outside of the domain? Or in both cases?

    -- You are using floating license - Is the license server accessible outside of the domain?

    -- Can upgrade to the latest version 8.80 be an option or not?


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      The problem in details:

      - I launch application (aqtime.exe) and then once main frame displayed, if I try to clik on File menu or something else like moving the main window, it freezes: (Not responding) displayed on the right of the title and Windows hourglass icon displayed over application.

      - After several minutes (more or less 5 minutes), I can use the application and load a project for example.

      This issues appears if I'm in my company domain or outside the domain (i.e machine not registered in the domain, thus no antivirus or other monitoriing application automatically installed). Ouside domain, I can access the license server.

      For info, the license manager is release Could there be issues between this version and AQTime 8.71 ?

      We didn't renew the support but it will done in some days. I will then have access to the latest release (8.80) and see if it fixes this issue.


      Thanks for your help