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14 years ago

Allocation Profiler not working


I used to use "AQTime 5.44" with my "Delphi 7" Client Application, with "Application Profiler" and it works fine.

(On a Win 2003 Server, on a virtual machine.)

Recently, I upgrade to "AQTime 7.10" and "Application Profiler" seems to freeze.

In Task Manager AQT and my Application are not using processor or memory.

If I try "Performance Profiler", it works fine.

I join two screenshots of "Event" :

- One with AQT 5.44 who works.

- One with AQT 7.10 who stop after loading of module aqWinAPIDatabase.dll (after 45 minutes still nothing happens...)

Any idea of what is going on ?


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  • Hello Florian,

    This is a known issue that occurs on Windows Server 2003, and we are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Mike,


    I see that the issue was fixed in the latest AQtime version. Please make sure that you are using AQtime 7.40.