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12 years ago

Allocation Profiler not finding/displaying memory leak (i.e., live count)??

I have created a sample Win32 Console application using Visual Sudio 2008 that leaks memory (see below). When I run AQTimes Allocation Profiler against this program it does not report anything within the "Report" tab when I select "Classes Data" or "Objects" form the "Explorer". Any idea why I do not get any results when I analyze this program using AQTime Allocation Profiler?

class Test



void AllocationTest(int Count)


int i;

int **array = new int*[Count];

for(i = 0; i < Count; i++)

array = new int[Count];

for(i = 0; i < Count; i++)

for(int j = 0; j < Count; j++)

array = 0;

delete array;



void main()


Test* t = new Test();




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  • Found the answer to my own question. If you want to see Native C++ memory leaks that are not in a class make sure the "view project classes only" filter button within the "Report" tab is not selected.