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15 years ago

Allocation Profiler Crashing


I'm using AQTime to profile a C++/DirectX application of mine using Visual Studio 2008 on a computer running Windows 7 x64. The performance profiler ran without fail, but the allocation profiler crashed the program on start up. I have tried this in both debug and release modes, and followed the steps listed in the documentation to make sure the project settings were set correctly. I tried this with other applications C++ applications and had the same result. I also attempted to start the program and attach AQTime to the process, but it crashed the moment I did so in the same fashion. 

The Event View shows exceptions in ntdll.dll.

There are always two exceptions of the type "0xC0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION." I have turned on the debug exception for this error in Visual Studio and do not encounter it while running the program normally.

I attached 4 of the profiler dumps. 1 & 2 are from running the profile from startup and 5 & 6 are from attaching to the active process.

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