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15 years ago

AQTime disappears/crashes with Allocation Profiler

Using the Allocation Profiler to profile a C++Builder 2009 application, just running the application and then exiting it causes AQTime to just disappear out of memory. I cannot get any results.

* Using C++Builder 2009, Using AQTime 6.30.446.64 (Trial), Using Windows 7 x64

* It seems AQTime forgets all its projects and settings when it crashes. I have to re-open the project file by navigating the the correct folder the next time I load AQTime. It often asks me to disable SpeedStep again even though I checked the "Don't ask again" option.

* I tried the troubleshooter and it wanted some log/dump files but none were there in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Automated QA\AQtime 6\Bin\Logs"

* I did have some success with the Performance Profiler. It doesn't crash and provides some useful results.

Any ideas? Known bug?

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  • Hi Albert,

    To provide us with more information on the problem, please follow the steps below:

    1. Make a copy of the AQtime.exe file in the '<AQtime 6>\Bin' folder and rename it to QAtime.exe.

    2. Start AQtime.

    3. Select the 'File | New Project From Module...' main menu item.

    4. In the Open File dialog, select the '<AQtime>\bin\QAtime.exe' file and click Open.

    5. Right-click somewhere within the Event View panel (it is opened by default at the bottom of AQtime's window) and select the 'Options...' item.

    6. In the Options dialog that appears, set the value of the 'Profiling Time | Event View | General | Exceptions | Depth Shown' option to 100.

    7. Take a look at the AQtime toolbar - there is a combo box. Open it and select the 'Tracing | Exception Trace Profiler' item.

    8. Start another instance of AQtime by launching the QAtime.exe executable file.

    9. In the first instance of AQtime, click the 'Run | Attach to Process...' main menu item.

    10. Select the QAtime.exe process from the list by double-clicking it and click Run in the dialog that appears after that.

    11. Reproduce the problem with the second instance of AQtime. After the problem occurs, close the second instance of AQtime (if it still exists).

    12. Right-click within AQtime's Event View panel and select the 'Save All...' item.

    13. Save the contents of the panel to an HTML file and send it to us via the Contact Support form.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks. I just completed those steps. The second instance just disappeared after reproducing the problem.

  • Hi Albert,

    Thanks for sending us the log. We will investigate it, and I will contact you to let you know our results.
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    Thanks. I hope it is helpful and you can find the problem. I really would like to try the allocation profiler.