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14 years ago

Allocation Profiler crashes on jvm.dll

I'm currently evaluating AQTime7 for purchase. I'm running Windows 7/64 and MS Visual Studio 2010. The problem occurs both in the VS IDE and the standalone interface.

I'm attempting to use the Allocation Profiler on some DLLs that I am developing, to test how well is diagnoses memory leaks. However, another module in this program loads the JVM (1.6) before my DLLs are loaded. If I use the Check Memory Bounds option, My application terminates with an access violation in the JVM,

I've tried running the troubleshooting wizard to send details of this problem. Unfortunately, when I select the option to Generate Dump on Exception, AQTime gets into an infinite series of RPC Not Found error boxes, and I have to kill it via task manager.

ANy clues of hos I might be able to work around this problem, or at least provide a dump to be analyzed?