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Zephyr API: Problems with BROWSE_PROJECTS permissions

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Zephyr API: Problems with BROWSE_PROJECTS permissions


Hi, I'm trying to integrate with Zephyr's API and do some basic things like create a test cycle, add tests to cycle, add execution, change execution status but I keep getting caught up with permission problems.

I've had success at different moments with different APIs (200 response) without changing the payload, headers, or how I generate the JWT. So for this reason I believe that the authentication, headers and payload are fine. I'll give an example for how the request is being constructed for add cycle:


headers = {'Authorization': 'JWT eyJ...', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'zapiAccessKey': 'ND...'}


payload = {
'name': name,
'build': 'Build 3.1.0',
'environment': 'dev',
'description': 'cloned',
'projectId': 10005,
'versionId': -1,




The response (403) is:


'{"errorType":"ERROR","clientMessage":"User does not have BROWSE_PROJECTS permission to perform the operation on project 10,005 issue .","errorCode":169}'


So I went to Jira and Zephyr config to try to fix the permissions, but no amount of tweaking with the permissions would fix the problem. Attached is a screenshot of the the permissions for this Jira Project. I also cleared Zephyr cache and the Zephyr permissions cache after each tweak to make sure that the changes would be in effect.


Can anyone help?


Hi @benhesketh 



Is there "edit" or all operations  associated with this role? 


if not can you add this to the permission





Hi! Yes, the role has Edit permissions and nearly all others. Maybe the role isn't assigned to the Zephyr app or something?

Hey @benhesketh 


Any times I had similar issues you described with was role based. 

Let me do some digging and il see what else it could be





Thanks Vinnie, let me know if you find anything please.
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