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Where do I report a bug that is messing up Zephyr?

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Where do I report a bug that is messing up Zephyr?

Yeah, this was a difficult topic to phrase. I'm not looking for how to create a bug in the programme. I'm looking for a way to tell the makers of Zephyr that there's a bug in their programme. This was a virtually impossible thing to find just by googling, as you can imagine. 😂


I'll attach two screenshots, of the first and second problem.


As you can see in "zephyr bug.jpg", "Learn more" is covering Traceability Matrix, which is not click-able. The menu also got stuck so I couldn't scroll down to Integrations etc. The menu unlocked itself after I refreshed the page a couple of times and it became scrollable again, but while "Learn more" got positioned marginally better, the overall text got even more messed up (zephyr bug2.jpg). Still can't click Traceability. Am I not supposed to be able to click Traceability Matrix? Even if that's the case, it shouldn't get overlapped by "Learn more". None of this should overlap this way. 


I'll attach a screenshot of the second problem, too.


Hey @Degen 


To create support ticket use this link. 


Its also in your Zephyr Squad documentation






Hello @Degen ,


Following are different ways to reach out to us:


  1. By creating a support ticket.
  2. By sending a feedback using the Feedback link in the help menu.
  3. By sharing your ideas and suggestions in the Ideas portal.
  4. By sharing your query in the community portal.


You can find all of these options in the Help menu present at all pages of Zephyr Squad.




Today, we do not have a public bug tracking portal. The issues and bugs are tracked internally and we use the Ideas portal to communicate the progress on ideas and feature requests.



Regarding the issue that you are facing, it seems it is due to the new navigation of Jira. You can try turning it off to fix it temporarily until we identify the root cause and fix it.

Details on the new Jira navigation is mentioned here -


Thank you.


Best regards,

Sanjeev Pande

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