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What is the Zephyr for JIRA Server REST api base URL?

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What is the Zephyr for JIRA Server REST api base URL?

I am trying to test Zephyr for JIRA rest API using a JIRA Server trial installed on my local workstation. JIRA is running on 



I referred the doc


It clearly say the base URL for api requests is 



So in my case I assume it should be



So using this as the base URL I tried to send a REST GET request as following




I have a project with an ID called TEST. I sent this request using Postman with Basic Auth authorization credentials and I got a 404 NOT FOUND.


I tried the same request on the browser while I logged in to JIRA but didn't succeed.


Appreciate, if someone can give me an example of a correct REST call when JIRA running on http://localhost:8080


JIRA Server - Jira v8.13.2

Zephyr for JIRA -




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While the documentation states to include `jira` in the URL, the only way for it to work for me is to exclude it. The following should work, replacing <projectID> with the appropriate numerical ID of your project. Note: "TEST" is the project key and not the project ID. The project ID is integer based (example: 1234).






Based on the documentation the /JIRA is just a context that is added to your company's URL. There are chances that the URL can look like, Hence you can chose to add/remove the /JIRA part in the request based on how your JIRA is hosted.

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