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Retrieve all executions based on 'executedOn'

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Retrieve all executions based on 'executedOn'


We want to retrieve all the test executions based on 'executedOn'. We have tried using below service url and got 3 results with executedOn/CreationDate as date value. 

ServiceURL: = "PHNXCN2" and executionDate>="2021-05-18 14:01"



We are looking for api response with datetime value for executedOn/CreationDate like any datetime format (20/Jun/21 1:47 PM). Please enable these fields to return datetime value for executeSearch api.


Below is the reference how we are looking for exectedOn/CreationDate in executeSearch api.

 URrl:- zapi-docs/apiary.apib at master · zfjdeveloper/zapi-docs · GitHub







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