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How to Re-Order/Arrange Test Cases WITHIN a Cycle

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How to Re-Order/Arrange Test Cases WITHIN a Cycle



I'm having an issue with Zephyr Squad: 


- Within a test cycle, I want to arrange test cases so that they can be presented to testers in a logical manner

- But there doesn't appear to be a way to do it

- The attached screenshot demonstrates the problem

- Sorting by ID is not helpful as the cases were created out of sequence

- Sorting by Label would be better, but as you can see from the image, sorting by label does not sort by label (they appear to be randomly heaped together)

- Ideally, within a cycle, I'd love to be able to just click and drag cases in the order I want them to be presented

- Is there a way to do that? Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place? 




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