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zephyr scale server integrations with nunit ? Does it accept TestLoggers Junit

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zephyr scale server integrations with nunit ? Does it accept TestLoggers Junit

zephyr scale server nunit integrations


Does zephyr scaler server accept nunit integrations ? i.e. test results xml genearted by running NUnit Tests.

if yes, does it accept a Ant Junit Format generated by nunit TestLoggers especially JunitXml.TestLogger


my test results xml file gets uploaded to my zephyr server

{my zehpyr server}/automation/execution/{ProjectKey}?autoCreateTestCases=true

without any surpise errors (via curl), but I don't see any update to the test case' execution.


one thing which I haven't tried is using nunit-console-runner. Can anyone share their experience if this works and which version.


I used NUnit v 3.13.2


Update 1: I got some progress with useful response for this url. (And using older Nunit2 format, NUnitLite runner)

{"errorMessages":["Invalid ZIP file"]}



Hi @vijaymoreifm 


Just saw your update, glad to hear you are processing. 

You could also check out this which may help you progress in the future 🙂





Thanks for replying. Zephyr cloud will be applicable when we migrate to it, until then we are stuck in zephyr scale server.

Zephyr cloud definitely has the auto-upload of junit.xml which I prefer, however with one limitation that requires test case id to be prefix or sufixed.Exspecially, It restricts flexibility when a test script can point to multiple tests case id's


Anyways, for now, I am successfully able to operate the zephyr scale server rest endpoints and managing my teams workflow through a small C# utility I have written.


Thanks for connecting and sharing the link.

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