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Zephyr integration with PowerBI


Zephyr integration with PowerBI

we are planning to pull data from zephyr to Power BI dashboard. Power BI have been our primary dashboard for pulling the data from various sources.
we want to do the same for zephyr as well. Our main need is to pull zephyr filter data directly to powerBI. Is there any API or any solution available for this integrations??

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I don't think there's any out-of-the-box solution that you can run with immediately - my assumption is that you'd need to use the API.


I've added the links to the APIs available below depending on the version you're running.


Cloud API


Server API

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There is no direct way of doing this from Zephyr to Power BI, but there seems to be a lengthy way of being able to create the reports in BI using manual intervention.


I would be keen to understand this better.

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