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Zephyr Scale test case export


Zephyr Scale test case export

Hi, When I export test cases from ZS, I don't seem to be able to find all the columns that were available in the test case view. Say for example, I have a field Created on field heading but when I export, I do not seem to see this field. Am I missing something?


Intention is to keep a track on test case development and the need to be able to provide regular updates with test case preparation and given that ZS doesn't offer any options to get this information, exporting is the only option.


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I think you could probably get all the information you need from the API but I'm not a user of that right now so can't advise.  Links to the relevant version of the APIs are below:


Zephyr Scale API for Server version


Zephyr Scale API for Cloud version


If you're not going down the API route, it's not perfect but as you're already exporting data, if you run the "Test execution results (list)" report for the same criteria and export it, I think you will find the missing data you need.  Unfortunately the report export doesn't give the test steps if that's what you're after so you will probably need to do both exports, then join then up on test case ID.

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Thanks Mister,I am not heading the API way and have tried the test execution results report and can find the field details, but this is too time consuming if I were to this every day. I cannot understand the logic of the export test cases feature, where it exports the fields that are not selected but not the ones that are selected. 


Surprised that a lower version of Zephyr (Zephyr Squad) does this seamlessly.

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