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Zephyr Scale buttons disappeared from Jira 8.5.9

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Zephyr Scale buttons disappeared from Jira 8.5.9

I was updating some apps in Jira server 8.5.9 and Zephyr no longer shows up in the admin site or the Tests button within Jira.

I was able to get it to reappear when I upgraded Zephyr Scale to 8.0.3.

I then upgrade additional apps and Zephyr disappeared again.

I have reindexed Jira 2 times and restarted Jira server 2 times with no luck.

Does anyone have a way to get Zephyr to show up again?  

I can't upgrade to a newer version since I am on the latest. 

I am not sure if I disable Zephyr from the admin if it will impact the test case data.

Thanks for the help.

New Contributor

For our instance of Jira server I was able to get Zephyr Scale buttons and data to reappear by doing the following:

As Jira admin,

goto the Manage Apps admin portal

goto the User-Installed apps

expand the Zephyr Scale app

select the "Disable" button

select the "Enable" button


This did allow Zephyr Scale to reappear in Admin and the Jira projects.  

This did not impact any of the test data.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi, @DougL!


We're facing an issue with this and the team is already working on a fix. Your workaround (re-enable the add-on) is the solution for the time being.


Thanks for letting us know!

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