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Zephyr Scale Test Cases Not Showing In Jira Seach

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Zephyr Scale Test Cases Not Showing In Jira Seach

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We used to have Zephyr Squad plugged into Jira and I was successfully able to create test cases in Zephyr squad, link them to user stories in Jira and search for them using Jira filters (e.g., project = abc AND issuetype = Test).


We are now using Zephyr Scale and it so far appears to be plugged into Jira correctly as I am able to create test cases from within user stories and also in Zephyr scale and link them back to user stories, however, I am unable to search for these Zephyr scale test cases from within Jira. When I use the same search query (e.g., project = abc AND issuetype = Test), only the old Zephyr squad test cases show up, not the new ones I have created, even though I can see them linked in the user story.


I'm just wondering if this is expected behaviour with Zephyr scale or whether I should indeed be able to search for and filter my Zephyr scale test cases?


This also impacts my ability to show my test cases in my Jira dashboard because I can't create any filters with my Zephyr scale test cases, only the old zephyr squad test cases appear in my filters.


I was watching this video ( around Zephyr Reports and Jira Dashboards and noticed that in my instance of Zephyr scale, I don't see the same dashboard gadgets as the ones in the video (e.g., Top Defects Impacting Testing and the Execution Details table). Should I be able to see these gadgets within my instace of Zephyr scale? or have the been retired?


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Hi.  As of now it's only possible to use Jira/JQL searches with Scale Server, not Cloud.  I'm hoping like many others I'm sure that this is brought into Cloud asap.


Regards, Andy

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