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Why does the roadmap hardly change?

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Why does the roadmap hardly change?

Hi folks,

For most of 2023 the Zephyr Cloud roadmap has remained static. Well, certainly the 'planned' and 'in progress' categories has remained the same for ages, with the only items in them being 'data residency'. Can anyone from Smartbear confirm or deny if this roadmap is an accurate reflection of what the actual dev team are working on? (I'm not asking for the details, just some sort of indication that there are actually more improvements in the internal pipeline, planned). The reason I ask is that certainly the impression this gives is that the product is going to remain static for a long time and that none of the many good, and useful, ideas 'under consideration' are going to materialise any time soon. I think this erodes confidence in the long-term viability of the tool. I'd love to see some of those ideas move forward 🙂


Many thanks.

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Ditto Sandy's comments.  I'd also like to see all the suggestions posted by myself and others

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