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Updating Zephyr Scale

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Updating Zephyr Scale

100% air-gapped Sandbox environment.


Zephyr Scale version 8.2

Valid 100-user Commercial license


Jira version 8.13.0  build 813000

Standalone Install


I downloaded Zephyr Scale Server "tm4j-app-9.9.0.jar".

Manage App

Zephyr Scale is displayed under User-installed apps.

Expanding Zephyr Scale does not have an Upgrade option.

Used [Upload App]. Selected the *.jar file. [Upload]

Window pops up "Installing"

Errors out and says to look at logs.

No idea where the system/error logs are.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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No idea on that one but someone else here might.  Failing that, there's also the SmartBear support team: SmartBear Support

Need more help? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:
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Thank you. I created account and sent them the same message.

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