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TM4J - Test case export and import

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TM4J - Test case export and import

1) Export test case from TM4J to Excel:

Is it possible an exported test case can include attachments or screenshots contained in TM4J ?

If so, how would I do that?

Note: the spreadsheet would be distributed to testers allowing them to complete electronically 

2) Import test case from Excel into TM4J:

a) Is it possible to import the same completed Excel spreadsheet with screenshot(s) associated with each test step?

b) I would like to add a new column to the same completed Excel spreadsheet allowing the tester to document their Actual Results (see attachment)

c) Can screenshots or attachments in the spreadsheet be imported into TM4J?


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Hi Aerospace1, 

1) Exports of test cases don't include attachments, there isn't really a workaround other than printing the test steps, but this is long and not recommended 

2) Currently, there's no integration with Excel, so importing extra info or updating results via import isn't possible 


Can I ask why it is that the testers are executing from Excel instead of inside the app? 

By the way, there's an Ideas Portal if you want to raise/vote on any ideas related to this - 

Cloud -

Server/DC -


Hope this helps, 




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I would also like to export screenshots, as part of the completed Test Execution. I work in an industry that requires proof of testing, and this is one of my main problems with Zephr. I have to export the Executions, including pass and fail info, but I need the screenshot attachments to export with each step. I have to do that separately, and name the screenshots in a certain way to tie them back to the execution and step. I am investigating other products because of this deficiency. Sounds like there is no plan for Zephr to do this, is that right?

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For item 1)


Has anyone tried using the Attachments endpoint in the Zephyr API to try and resolve this requirement?


The API library is here: Zephyr Scale Server API (v1) (


In the example JSON data of a successful execution, it does seem to indicate that a URL link could be clicked to access the attachments

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Regarding question 2)


I guess it might be possible to convert your Excel file into JSON data, and if that were the case, I'm also guessing that you could use the API to update the test steps in your test cases - although I'm not sure about attachments.


We discussed this a little in this post: Not able to add teststep - SmartBear Community


And perhaps @dsaju might be able to advise on their experience with importing results in this way?



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Any advise in using the API in this way would be appreciated. My group has played with it a bit, but was never successful in getting screenshots to export from test executions in Word or PDF - any ideas from the community?

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I ran a test using the endpoint below and was able to return details including the path of attachments in a test execution.  That path successfully opens the attachment.


For attachments to a test result:



For attachments to a step:



To implement:

https://jira.[your instance].com/rest/atm/1.0/testresult/[testResultID]/attachments


Thank you to Assis from the support team for providing info on how to find the testResultID:


"You can find the testResultId in the following scenarios:

  • If you want to see the last execution of a Test Case, you will find it In the id of the result of {{ GET /testcase/ {testCaseKey}/testresult/latest }}
    * If your Test Execution is part of a Test Cycle, you can find it In the id of each item from the results of GET /testrun/{testRunKey}/testresults }}
    * When you create a Test Execution using one of the POST endpoints below, the response will return it in the id field
    ** {{ /testrun/{testRunKey}/testresults
    ** {{ /testrun/{testRunKey}/testcase/{testCaseKey}"


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