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Sorting by key doesn't work as expected for updated test cases

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Sorting by key doesn't work as expected for updated test cases

In the test cases section,by default my test cases are organized by test case id/key, when I change the version or clone a test case the updated test cases goes to the bottom of the test case list. 

Sorting it by key dosnt seem to work as well as the cloned/version upgraded test cases do not sort by key




Notice that even if the key column is already sorted in asc/descending the cloned test case still do not fall to order


Please help


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Good find!  Looks like a bug to me, although I think the Clone function is correct because it does (at least for me on the cloud version) create a new test case key and increment the ID.  But I agree with you and wouldn't expect the change in version to affect the sort by ID.  It certainly seems like there is an underlying sort that first uses the version number, and then the ID (if selected).


Can I suggest you raise this with the SmartBear support team.  They might be able to help with your case.

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Nice find!


I just had a quick look at the request ZS sends, when you hit the sort button for key. What happens is, that it sorts by the internal ID of the test case and not the key you see on the UI. When you create a new version, ZS creates a new test case object on the db with a new internal id. This then results in the behaviour you witnessed.


Definitely raise a support ticket with SmartBear, so they ca fix this.




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