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Searching for test cases

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Searching for test cases


Until now we used the server/datacenter version of TM4J. We used the testcase/search API which seems to have more query options than - what I think is  - the equivalent cloud API GET /testcases

Is this the case? E.g. we would search by values in cutomFields but I don't see this option in the cloud API.

From the on-prem API doc:

A query to filter Test Cases. The query syntax is similar to the JIRA JQL.

Available fields: projectKey, key, name, status, priority, component, folder, estimatedTime, labels, owner and custom fields. When filtering by custom fields, the field name must be quoted.
Available operators: =, >, >=, <, <=, IN
For Single and Multi Choice custom fields, operator "=" is not supported, use "IN" instead
Available logical operators: AND


Please advise





HI, @amifriedman! Thank you for your question.


Indeed, the Server/DC API is different than the Cloud API and the search test cases endpoint is not yet supported.


You may raise a feature request in the Ideas Portal (Zephyr Scale Cloud Ideas) or file a ticket directly with the Support Team (Cloud Support Portal) for further information.


I hope this answers your question,



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