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Reset Test Case numbers to zero

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Reset Test Case numbers to zero

We have been starting to test Zephyr so we can import from TestRail and we have done so much testing with our imports that our test case numbers are in the 90's and 100's now.  Not that is matters that much but when we are ready for our "real" import is there a way to get our test case numbers reset so we can start at zero again?  I can't seem to figure out how to do this.


Thanks so much.

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I'm not aware of a way you can do this, but that might just be a gap in my knowledge.


You could probably start over by cloning your project but I'm not sure how much is brought across, e.g. Test Plans, Cycles, and Custom fields might need re-creating.


It's a complete hack but I guess you could import/add bulk test cases that are essentially dummies, that force the test case number to start at another seed number, e.g. 1000.  You'd then need to archive all test cases that are not relevant.



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Thanks. I would have to talk to an admin about that. We have nothing test related brought across, only our stories, etc. I may have to just deal with it. Not sure if cloning is suitable.  I appreciate the response. 

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