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Relationship in RESTAPI

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Relationship in RESTAPI



I'm using the rest API to retrieve items for a report and I'm struggling to see how I related various types.


So for example I want to retrieve all test executions for a particular test cycle, its not obvious how I do this from the API documentation.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


My goal is to create a custom confluence report using a python script to create the page and then save it in confluence.  I can generate the page, but its populating it wiht the details of each step of the report that is the issue.


For example /testcases?projectKey=TEST&maxResults=1000

How do i get the test cases in a particular test cycle like I can get in the front end?  Do I need to retrieve them all and then link them from all the returned data?  This would make performance an issue in the long term.




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I've not used the REST API very much but if it helps, a Test Run in the API is the Test Cycle in the front-end.  The endpoint below is how you get the results of test cases within a test cycle.




Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the idea, MisterB!


@ChrisGlintech Does this help?

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