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Poor performance after cloud migration

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Poor performance after cloud migration

Hey guys


i would like to know if anybody recognized a really poor performance after migration from server version to cloud version (jira and zephyre).

We migrated few months ago. At the beginning I thought it's because of cloud in general, maybe some mis-configuration. But now many things had a better performance.

As example, if I create a new folder in a test cycle it lasts around 30 seconds. If I want to import some test cases it lasts around 20 seconds until popup is appeared. the import itself is "fast" -> several seconds (not optimal, but I think it's acceptable).


So here I want only ask you are you satisfied with your performance from zephyre squad / jira cloud. What is your expirence? Did you have to make some changes on your configuration to optimize the performance?


Kind regards



Hi @Billy85 ,


I believe you are using Zephyr Squad rather than Zephyr Scale? I suppose you do since you mention creating a folder in a Test Cycle, and that is a Zephyr Squad feature...

Sorry my mistake. Yes correct. We use Squad and not Scale. It seems i clicked the wrong product. sorry for that.

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