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Moving from Zephyr Squad to Scale (Cloud version)

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Moving from Zephyr Squad to Scale (Cloud version)

We currently have Zephyr Squad and we use the Issue Type = Test in JIRA for creating test cases in Squad. 

I recently downloaded a free trial of Zephyr Scale because we would like to move from Squad to Scale. I was seeing that the test cases that you create in Scale are not Issue Type = Test in JIRA. Is there a way to configure that in Scale so our test cases are issue type = test and can be searchable from the main JIRA search. OR is that how Scale works and we cant do a general JIRA search for a Scale test case. 




Hi @ashah12 ,

Test cases in Zephyr Scale cannot be searched from main Jira search as they are not Jira issues. It is how Zephyr Scale is designed.


In your journey of moving from Squad to Scale, what are your plans in migrating the existing data?


Please have a look at this documentation if you need assistance on that -


Thank you.


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