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Maintaining folder structure during import

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Maintaining folder structure during import

We are testing out Zephyr Scale in the trial period, specifically testing out how our test plans can be reused.


When we import from another instance, the folder structure we created does not carry over. All the test cases get lumped into the root, forcing us to recreate the folder structure again -- obviously a tedious step.


We can get around this by exporting to XML and importing that way, but this workflow seems to break the convenience of being able to reuse test cases across projects.


It's hard to imagine anyone out there would actually want hundreds or thousands of test cases to copy over into a new project with no structure at all, and then have to recreate the previous structure from scratch. Is this a bug? Is this truly intended? Are we crazy to think this functionality makes no sense?

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Hey @pgarrett, thanks for trying Zephyr Scale.


I would say it would be really nice to preserve the folder structure when importing from another project.


I found this in Zephyr Scale Server/DC ideas portal:


It seems to describe your use case, right?


Would you mind upvoting this idea there? It would help this feature to be prioritized.


For now, I think the workaround you described is the only option, you first need to export it to XML and then import it in the target project also via XML.


Let me know if I can help with something else, and happy testing!


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When you are using a csv file for Import. You could have the path of the test case folder separated by forward slash (/). This when imported would create the folders inside the project.

  Check this documentation link:



Folder structure separated by a slash (/).

Ex: "folder 1/folder 2" or "/folder 1/folder 2" (same effect for both options).

Non-existing folders will be created.

Folders that match existing ones (including all path) will be merged.


For Example:

- If you want 'Test Case One' to be stored in Folder A -> A 1.1-> Regression Tests. Then the csv file should have a column name 'folder' or whatever you call it and have the path of the folder in which you would want to store this Test Case in Zephyr Scale. So the path for this scenario would be "A/A 1.1/Regression Tests"

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