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Looking for a macros for test case status

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Looking for a macros for test case status

Looking for a macros for test case status on a singular level.

We use a table to keep track of test case development and having to enter this data manually gets tedious.


I'm looking for something that can get the status of a test case and add it do a cell within a table. Is this possible?

I've posted a screenshot of what I'm after... the status 'Draft' will be updated each time the test case is updated.





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I'm not sure but you might be able to manage and report this within Zephyr Scale by changing the test case version number or by using labels, in combination with the test case status which you can customise and add extra statuses.  The Test Library > Test cases (summary) Report might provide the information you need but if not...


Run one of the test execution reports and use the export to Excel dataset option (top right-hand corner).  That will produce a file with details that includes the test case status, version number, and a whole lot more.  Dump that data into a working sheet and wrap it into a table.  From there it should be simple to add another 'report' sheet in Excel, with formulas, that will look at the table you just created.  If you save the URL of the report you can re-run it anytime you need and repeat the data dump process above to 'refresh' your table.


Best, Andy 



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Thanks a lot for your reply @MisterB !



Hi @chad84! Does this suggestion help? 

Sonya Mihaljova
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Yes @sonya_m , thanks @MisterB I'll give these suggestions a try, thanks 🙂

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