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How to submit a feature request?


How to submit a feature request?



We love to hear what you have to say about Zephyr Scale, especially improvements that can make the app work better for you. That’s why we created a public area to collect these ideas and share our own with you.


Click on this link to access the Zephyr Scale roadmap. We encourage you to vote, comment on existing ideas, or create new ones.


Our product management team conducts regular reviews of ideas. The displayed ideas are those we identified as the most important and possible to develop. After you created a new idea, you won’t see it in the roadmap. The product team will review it and possibly map it with other existing ideas.


We consider every idea you send to us. First, we consolidate them internally. Then we include them on the roadmap if we find they have potential.


Thank you!
The Zephyr product team

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