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How to set the status of a test using the Zephyr Scale api

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How to set the status of a test using the Zephyr Scale api

I want to create a test execution and post it to Zephyr Scale via the api (from within TestComplete). I can see how I can create the testexecution via using a http post but the documentation in doesn't show a field for setting the status of the test. I'm assuming I should use the "testexecutions" api but it doesn't appear to set it. I've had a look through the other api calls but can't any other api I would use to to create a test execution and set the test execution status. Can someone tell me the API to use and the payload field to use?


Hey @Claddaghduff 


Hope you are well. 


Check out this useful post by @hkim5


It details step by step what needs to be set up in TestComplete, script routine/code snippet, the event handlers and the REST api endpoints. 


Hope this helps 




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Thanks Vinnie,


This post appears to be out of date but pointed me in the right direction. I used post setting the Authorization to Bearer and adding the Zephyr Scale API token.

Hi Alan, 


no problem. 


I see another thread item was opened in TestComplete, will I assume that to be solved too? 


For now I will link this thread in for reference





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