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How to get a free trial

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How to get a free trial



I was wondering, is there any pre-sale engineer or technical support on Zephyr can be directly contacted to help on get free trial and instruct the set ups? 


Our company is very interested to buy the test management tool as add-on in JIRA.


Thanks a lot.



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I'm not sure if there is anyone to help with that from SmartBear, but I've added a link to their support portal below.


For self-help, the Help files are good and there's a "Start here" section that might answer your questions.  I'll list each link in that section below for you:


About Zephyr Scale: Welcome | Zephyr Scale Cloud Documentation (

Installation: Installing the App | Zephyr Scale Cloud Documentation (

Enable Zephyr Scale in Jira: Enabling the App | Zephyr Scale Cloud Documentation (


There's also a 1 hour training video here: Academy | SmartBear Software


Here's a link to the SmartBear support portal: SmartBear Support


I hope that helps.



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