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How to create test Cases automation coverage report (inventory)

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How to create test Cases automation coverage report (inventory)

We moved to Jira cloud and Zephyr scale Cloud. We have custom field in our test cases that contains automation statuses (manual, automated, planned ,etc)

I need to create a report that will return me what percentage of my test cases are Automated, what Manual, what Planned. It is critical for our CI/CD initiative and I do not see a way to run such a report. Thank You.

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Scale Cloud doesn't have any test library reports for some reason (Server does from memory), so I can only suggest a workaround which is to run a report (e.g. test execution list) and export the dataset.  This will give you the information you need to produce your own analysis and charts.


You could re-purpose a field like Component or add Labels and then run reports but you don't quite get what you're asking for - you would get total numbers but you wouldn't get a % breakdown



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Thank You @MisterB That's what we thought we will have to do. 

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