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How to Create a Zephyr Scale API for my Organization ?

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How to Create a Zephyr Scale API for my Organization ?

Hi Team,


I've Zephyr Scale - Cloud integrated with my Jira instance. I wish to access the Zephyr Scale Cloud using API. Can you provide the step to access the same.


Can i access my org zephyr scale using the same API - "" ?  and only the bearer token changes ? . 


Please comment, If my API must be customized ?


Also, how to i access these API using ReadyAPI/SoapUI/Postman. 








With Regards
Vallalarasu Pandiyan
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Found the Solution and its working.


To access the API in ReadyAPI/Postman - We need to use the yml file  ( from API Documentation ( with authorization token for ZephyrScale Cloud API - Access token from Jira.


To Access from TestComplete, The below code works.


Sub ZephyrScaleAPI_TestComplete
API_Address_Endpoint = ""
CurrentToken = "Update your token" "
Log.Message ("API_Address_EndPoint: " + API_Address_Endpoint)
Log.Message ("CurrentToken: "+ CurrentToken)

'Calling Rest API
Set aqHttpRequest = aqHttp.CreateGetRequest(API_Address_Endpoint)
Call aqHttpRequest.SetHeader("Authorization","Bearer " + CurrentToken)
'Call aqHttpRequest.SetTimeouts(50000,70000,50000,70000)
Set aqHttpResponse = aqHttpRequest.Send()

'Getting Reponses
If Not aqHttpResponse Is Nothing Then
Log.Message("All Headers : " + aqHttpResponse.AllHeaders)
Log.Message("A specific header : " + aqHttpResponse.GetHeader("Content-Type"))
Log.Message("Status Code : " + aqHttpResponse.StatusCode)
Log.Message("Status Text : " + aqHttpResponse.StatusText)
Log.Message("Respone Body : "+ aqHttpResponse.Text)
aqHttpResponse.SaveToFile(Project.Path & "body.txt")
End If
End Sub


Sample Respone File :






With Regards
Vallalarasu Pandiyan
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