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Generating report

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Generating report


I have created many test cases and wrote test scripts for those test cases. And now i would like to print those to pdf and include in my formal verification plan.

Problem is that I already executed some of the test scripts.

How can I generate a report which shows my test case details and script, without printing the execution details ? Is there a way ?

I think I tried every option under "Reports" section, but there is no option to generate such report.

thank you in advance

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I'm not sure if it's possible - I can't think of a way to do this.  Unfortunately we do not have a Test Library set of reports which is what you (and we) need for this type of work.


You could try to export the dataset from the report into Excel and manipulate from there, but If that doesn't work then I recommend you contact SmartBear support for assistance: SmartBear Support



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Thanks, Andy. I found some kind of  "hack" to this - if you clone the test cycle, the execution part is not copied, so it's fine for my purpose. 


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